Good Design

Good design is elementary to all aspects of creative expression.  It is used to bring appeal to an otherwise unappealing entity.  Take for example, the beauty of a well-designed building.  Not only is it functional, but it is inviting in the way it is presented.  The same applies to the design of a landscape.  If everything were planted haphazardly, chaos would result.  Thus, the importance of using good design.

You may be thinking there is no other kind of design except good design, however good design includes the use of basic design principles, of which, when applied, help the designer to create a well-balanced and appealing finished product.  The importance of observing rules regarding color-coordination, shape, texture, types, and styles of all elements of design cannot be overlooked.  So sure, there may be design other than “good,” but the results will be poor.

In future blogs, I hope to share some of the elements and rules of design that I have learned over the years through study as well as hands-on-experience that have helped me design more effectively.  Hope you will follow my posts.


~ by shirleyliseblogspot on January 30, 2013.

One Response to “Good Design”

  1. Some great points here. Thanks for your thoughts!

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