Basics To Good Design

    Designing with the basic tools of design gives opportunity to be creative, but also to produce a most pleasing end result.  Once you know the basics, you can employ them in a way where choices made are instinctively of your own flavour, but just as importantly, adhere to good design.  Think about color, for example, and the endless array of hues to choose from.  Your choices would be based on your own preferences, however, when using them in a color scheme, some basic rules apply. 

     Likewise, when choosing styles of furnishings for your home, you would lean toward those that appeal to you personally, yet unless choices made of individual pieces work together with each other, a haphazard feel results.  You would need to apply some basic rules of harmonizing with style, shape,and size as well those of proper positioning in a room to avoid this mistake.

     So what are some of the basics to good design?  Consideration of functional needs as well as mood, balance, and harmony.  Functionality will assure the space you are working with meets the needs of those using it.  This applies to home interiors as well as to landscape design.  Secondly, a mood, or feeling is being produced by choices made in furnishings for your home as well as hardscaping and greenery chosen for your landscape design.  What feeling do you want to convey?  This is a question you need to ask yourself before beginning your project. 

    Secondly, balance of the visual weight of furnishings around a room or the plantings of specimen trees and shrubs along a front walk-way needs to be taken into consideration. A room unbalanced by grouping large pieces of furnishings together on one side and small pieces on the other will make it look and feel lop-sided. Similarly, grouping large trees and shrubs in a wrong location can throw off your landscape design.

All aspects of your design need to harmonize, that is, work together to produce uninterrupted visual appeal.  Colors need to co-ordinate to ensure coherence of flow from room to room just as they do from garden to garden.  A mood needs to be consistent throughout and all elements of the design need to be in good proportion to one another for a most successful design plan.



~ by shirleyliseblogspot on January 31, 2013.

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