Designing A Furniture Layout

     When designing a furniture layout it is important to make a to-scale drawing of a floor plan of your room.  Measure the room from corner to corner and make a rough sketch marking out windows and doorways.  To transcribe into a finished drawing, use graph paper to draw to scale.  Once the floorplan is completed, the layout of furnishings can begin with the following considerations.

     In order to know where to put your furnishings, you need to observe guidelines regarding traffic patterns and acceptable distances between items of furniture.  No furniture can be placed where it obstructs traffic though the room.

     Keep in mind that a room is in balance when the visual weight of furnishings is evenly distributed throughout.  To help you in the process of designing your room, draw two lines that intersect across the middle of your floorplan.  These lines will mark out four sections in which to add furnishings.  To keep all four quarters balanced, add furnishings of equal visual impact to each section.

      Each room needs a focal point, that is a focus of attention.  A fireplace would be a natural focal point in a living room around which furnishings would be placed in order to highlight it.  A bed would be the natural focal point in a bedroom and a dining table in a dining room.  If a room has no natural focal point, one must be created.  A large piece or group of furniture placed in the center of a wall will cause the eye to focus on this one strong element rather than wander aimlessly throughout the room.  Whatever the focal point, a similarly visual weighted piece or group of furnishings need to be placed on the wall directly across the room to keep the arrangement balanced while all other furnishings play a support role.

     Now that you know how to position your furnishings, use cutouts of each piece of furniture drawn to scale to practice furnishing your room.  Continue to move and arrange your cutouts on your floorplan drawing, observing the above considerations till you are satisfied that your furniture layout is the best it can be. 


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