Decorating With Style

Style is a personal choice. Everyday we make choices regarding style. We have our style preferences. We may not be aware of the style choices we make, but in effect, we do gravitate toward a certain style. We choose clothing according to our likes of cut, fit, and color, oftentimes restricted by body features. We prefer a certain brand over others because it elicits an air that more effectively reflects who we are. Choosing the car we drive or the home we live in too, is dependant on our personal tastes. So it is with home decorating… there are choices to make in styles of furnishings we use to adorn our homes.
The purpose of this blog is to draw attention to patterns in furniture choices that dictate a particular style, and the accompanying video, which attempts to clarify what sets each apart from the other, is presented to help you more accurately pin point yours. But it is also to shed some light on how you, personally, consider your decorating style choices.
It is fair to say our style choices reflect our personality… serious or not so serious, colorful or more reserved, traditional or not so traditional. These same traits are inherent in the style of home décor we are most comfortable with. Take, for example, if you choose to go with vintage rather than modern, respecting the age and quaintness of a passed-down antique with sentiment rather than going for a more contemporary, non-personal item appreciated simply for its design or color or how it works into a certain decorating scheme, you are expressing your value of things past. For those who are open to the new and need to live with flare, incorporating the latest trends into their style would more aptly reflect their bent toward whimsy. And for those needing to unleash a more creative side, choosing to go with a themed décor scheme, whether it be jungle, seaside, country, or mixing it up in an eclectic gathering and display of loved items, will satisfy. Whatever the preference, you can be sure it is an expression of character.
In observation, decorating with a style that most closely represents who you are, will keep you content in the long run. It will save you time, money, and the regret of wrong choices. So when ready to purchase that next piece to add to your room, it is a good idea to stop and take time to ponder what your heart is saying, what truly expresses the real you. It will lead you in the right direction, and to a decorating style that you will be most at home with!


~ by shirleyliseblogspot on February 2, 2013.

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