Contemporary Design

Contemporary design, of course, not only speaks of furniture design or even of a total interior design scheme. It is found in architectural styles, styles of clothing, home gadgetry, the automotive industry, and the list goes on. However, in this blog, my intent is to narrow the topic to contemporary design in home decor with the hope of encouraging those interested to grasp something of value to be applied to their own living quarters.

The word contemporary means nothing more than “up-to date,” so what is popular today might be considered contemporary. Knowing this alone should take some of the mystery out of the subject. Even so, contemporary design shows up in many flavours on the home front, with names given to help us grasp their concept and relate more fully to them personally.

The scope of contemporary looks range from sleek, cool, and modern, to warm and relaxed, to elegant and sophisticated. No matter what the mood being produced, contemporary design focuses in on shape and form, and treats the space it is applied to as a whole to produce a comfortable, welcoming, yet simple and uncluttered look and living experience with smooth, clean lines. However, though the scheme is simple, it is not stark, nor is it boring. Updates to the textile industry can be thanked for their contribution of a multitude of updated fabrics offering an array of choices in color, pattern, and texture to enhance any decorating palette.

A “modern” contemporary scheme incorporates the resurgence of Mid-century minimalist furniture styles as well as new designs by today’s modernist designers. Slender-lined, marbled and fabricated furniture designs accompanied with accents of chrome and glass give expression to a sleek “Urban” look. A less urban look might showcase more relaxed furnishings, lamps, and accessories. For instance, a boxy simple-lined daybed, sectional sofa, club chair, and ottoman-cum-coffee-table upholstered in faux leather or suede would contribute to a more laid-back living room seating arrangement while straight-lined leather upholstered dining chairs and solid wood table add only subtle elegance to a dining room space.

We have all heard the term “hotel chic.” To achieve this look, set up a bedroom with a boxy upholstered headboard, crisp quality bedding, and full-length mirror propped up against the wall. Add to this a touch of glamour with polished nickel accents, a pair of block-cut acrylic bedside lamps, a mirrored dressing table, a faux fur throw, and voila!

Contemporary design does not stop here. It goes on to offer you, the homeowner, opportunity to express yourself even further, to add whimsy with colorful rugs, multiple throw pillows of varying fabrics and textures in vibrant prints, to incorporate trendy ideas into your decorating scheme, and with a little creative flare, take your home decor to another level. Happy updating!


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