A home is not complete without the finishing accent of accessories. Accessories give opportunity to set the tone of a room. They are decorative items that add color and interest to what might otherwise remain a bland space, and though not fundamental to a given decorating scheme, they are definitely a necessity.

One of these such items is an area rug. There are various shapes, textures, and sizes available to suit a variety of spaces, and used to maximum advantage, they add pizazz. For instance, a colorful and fun area rug rolled out in front of a bed can cheer up a bedroom decor, or a less demonstrative, low-key choice may be used to provide grounding to a study’s color scheme. A popular use of an area rug is to designate a conversation group of furnishings in a living room. Here too, its choice may simply ground the space, but if selected for its pattern, design, or color, does more to add aesthetic value.


Several guidelines apply when choosing and accessorizing with an area rug. The rug should be in proportion to the space. If the room is rectangular, an area rug of similar shape fits best. If the space is square, the rug might be square or circular. Ideally, an equal amount of space is left uncovered around the edges of the room. However, there is nothing wrong with using a rug with its own unique shape such as a cow hide. Though it fits none of the above rules, it can make an impressive statement.

An area rug should reach under all or most of the seating arrangement in a living room with no more than two feet of empty rug beyond the furniture. If added to a dining room, it generally should extend 18-24 inches past the edges of the table to properly accommodate pulled out chairs. If a bed is not centered in a bedroom, two or three smaller rugs around the bed rather than one large area rug will be just as rewarding.


Another accessory you will want to add to your room is artwork. Whether it be in the form of a painted canvas, board, sculpture, or framed photos, your decorating scheme won’t be complete without it. Hang artwork above a sofa, over a small table, or above a chair. A rule of thumb when hanging pictures, is to group them with other furnishings unless they are of large enough proportion to stand alone. Keep the center of all pictures in the room at 60 inches from the floor. When combining pictures into a display grouping, treat their arrangement as a whole and center it at 60 inches from the floor. Space individual items 3 – 4 inches apart and keep frames and matting color-matched for a flowing coherent look.

Never underestimate the power of throw pillows to impact a seating area and accent pillows to add welcome beauty to your bedding display. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and patterns, they offer countless opportunity to bring style into your room. So is it with throws, whether knitted or fabricated, and they too, are a welcome addition.

Pillow 2

Each room in your home will benefit from accessorizing it. Set decorative oil and vinegar jars and a spice rack upon your kitchen countertops, and put out colorful tea towels to add personality. House a cabinet displaying decorative bowls, vases, and plates, as well as other interesting dishware in your dining room. Fill baskets and trays with toiletries in decorative bottles and colorful towels to add charm to your bathroom. With so many appealing ways to accessorize, there is no reason to deny yourself the benefit, however, some restraint is required. No accessory should compete with another, but all should work harmoniously together in a color and style co-ordinated manner for best results. Follow these rules to happy accessorizing and enjoy the fruit of you labour…


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