Dear Head Break

     The word “trend” needs to be incorporated into decorating vocabulary when speaking of  today’s decorating style.  According to the New Webster’s dictionary, the word “trend” is  described as an “inclination” or “tendency.”   Trends incorporate a tendency toward the new, what’s “hot,” what’s “in.” 

     In decorating, implementing what’s new into a decorating scheme can keep it up-dated and fresh.  It doesn’t necessarily change the style of the room, but it will affect the mood, adding pizaz and a sense of being in the present.  There are trends in furniture styles, accessories, colors, lighting fixtures, and in metals being used.  With each addition opportunity is given to add a whimsical touch to your decorating scheme.

Pillows Break

     Catch words that help  to define trends in decorating today are ”Urban Chic,” “Hotel Chic,”  “Classic Chic,” “High Style,” and  “Hollywood Glam.”  These looks are accomplished with an updated use of mirror, glass, acrylic block, certain types of wood, and styles of furnishings.  A padded headboard, the “ghost” and “slipper” chairs, the “cube,” mirror-fronted furniture, and “ebony” and “espresso”  wood tones help to celebrate the “in” look.

Furnishings Break

     A recent popular trend has been to add “Rustic Charm” to a room.  This is achieved by taking advantage of faux fur, incorporating it into a scheme through the use of throws and throw pillows, or adding it in a take of a live animal, to the back of a chair.  Along with fur accents, the natural, earthy feel of rustic is further enhanced with the use of a cow hide rug.

Faux Fur Break

     Of course there are always trends in paint colors, as well as a multitude of new,  trend-setting prints and colors in fabric and wallpaper that can be added to liven up an otherwise dormant palette.   These can change with the seasons.  A “spring” feel is accomplished with lighter, airier hues, while a trend toward heavier, warmer colors are introduced come fall. As well, there are trends toward certain colors at any given time.  For example, a recent “must have”  has surfaced toward the use of white throughout an entire kitchen space, encompassing all elements including its cabinetry.  Another popular trend has been the use of bright, vibrant colors such as lime green, not only as wall color, but in colorful accents as well.

   Adding trendy items to your décor can add that touch of freshness you are longing for.  They can lift your spirit and give much enjoyment. They  can  make your decorating scheme say “today.”  So go ahead and incorporate whimsy into a decorating scheme and add trendy items to your palette, however, do not invest in majorly expensive items.  Keep in mind that their effect is short-lived and subject to the next fad, for what is “here today” as a trend, will be “gone tomorrow!”



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