LIVING WITH WHITE – The all-white Kitchen

kitchen 4

     I am sure not too many could do this, I mean, live with white!  Most would feel “stripped” of character.  But white can be refreshing, and its feel, light and airy.  It lifts the spirit and is almost therapeutic.

    White never fails.  It can be counted on to look good in all its applications.  I love white furniture, fixtures, and accessories. I like the clean, cool look of white woodwork and trim.  Add a white fireplace to the setting, and for me, the tone is set. I love the way light, either natural or artificial, reflects around a room when all the walls are painted white.  I love the exorbitant use of white in any room of my home, but most of all, I love the all-white kitchen!



     White compliments almost every surface in a kitchen.  Painted cabinetry looks pristine. Ceramic tile floors add charm, and solid surface white countertops and backsplash add depth.  Though all white, not boring, for the fact is that every surface reflects light differently, and a variation of whites is the result.  For instance, a matte cabinet finish reads more subdued than a carere marble slab of countertop.

     Excessive use of white in a kitchen may seem, well, excessive, but there are ways of reducing this affect.  Adding variations in pattern, such as with a glass or classic white subway tile backsplash, applied in either a staggered, stacked, or intricately joined and matted honeycomb pattern, is a good way to breakup an all-white kitchen.  Installing frosted glass cabinet door fronts and applying gleaming metal hardware add interest, and hanging chrome and glass light fixtures to reflect light and bounce it around the room will interject glitter and glam.   What’s not to like about a white kitchen adorned with such enhancements?


     Well, there still may be those who value the attributes of white in a kitchen, but shy away from an all-white kitchen for lack of warmth.  That can be adjusted by the addition of a hardwood floor.  The natural warmth it adds will effectively balance out the otherwise cool aesthetic of an all white kitchen and may be all that ‘s needed to change your mind.  Either way, living with a white kitchen wins kudos from those who like its clean and fresh vibe and dare to experience its uplifting charm.


~ by shirleyliseblogspot on February 11, 2013.

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