When planning out a bathroom space it is important to lay it out in a way that most effectively meets not only your functional needs, but also your wants.  Well layed-out functional zones for the toilet, sinks, and shower need to be incorporated into the design.  If there is not sufficient lighting, its addition needs to be considered as well as storage for towels and toiletries. It is also at the planning stage that specialty items be addressed.


     Your bathroom needs will be determined by the type of bathroom you are designing.  Is it a two-piece powder room, a family bathroom, a children’s bathroom, or a master ensuite?  Each of these has its own unique considerations.  A powder room, which is the smallest of bathrooms, and because it will be opened to guests, provides opportunity for pizazz with color, wallpaper, and unique lighting choices.  A family bathroom, being the most used bathroom in a home, needs to be outfitted with the most durable fixtures and easy to clean finishes.  Separating and compartmentalizing  fixtures facilitates the use of this bathroom by more than one family member at a time without interference.  A bathroom shared by children needs to be compartmentalized as well, separating the toilet and bathing areas from the sinks and grooming area.  Special considerations of both the family and children’s bathrooms are slip-resistant flooring, durable countertops and cabinets, single-control faucets to minimize hot water burns, as well as efficient and compartmented storage for each child and adult.  These spaces, without compromise, should be well lit and located for easy access in the bedroom wing of the house.


     The master bathroom or “Ensuite” is the most highly personalized and indulgent bathroom.  It not just facilitates utilitarian functions, but provide a luxurious space to  relax, as well as incorporates amenities suiting the interests of its owners.  It will include toilet, tub, shower, sinks, and grooming areas, but also, as space permits, may include a make-up center and walk-in-closet.  Because of its source of pleasure, it also has potential to be decked out in the latest gadgetry, such as an entertainment center including a TV, VCR, or sound system, a fireplace, a sauna, a spa, or a gym.

Small Bathroom

     To make your bathroom stand out from the crowd, consider a freestanding, pedestal, or built-in, soaking or whirlpool tub of innovative vacuum-formed acrylic or injection-molded thermoplastic in a neutral or one of the latest colors with  “Roman” or “Waterfall” deck or wall-mounted spouts.  Add a large glassed walk-in shower with multiple adjustable surround multijet shower fittings and equalized pressure and water temperature controls.  Take advantage of a variety of different-styled sink choices available on the market, including deck-mounted, integral-bowl, pedestal, wall-hung, and vessel and meet storage needs with stylish, free-standing furniture-like cabinetry.

     To be assured a most beautiful finished product, make your layout the best it can be, choose the most appropriate fixtures, add final touches, and celebrate a successfully designed bathroom!


~ by shirleyliseblogspot on February 22, 2013.

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