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You might think “passion” does not apply to a blog on gardening and landscaping, but for me, it does. I am passionate about gardens and how they are incorporated into a landscape design. My idea of a successful spring day is to spend hours in the gardens, manicuring them. I love to watch those perennials peek up through the ground once the frost is gone and gage their growth as the season carries on. I admire the way a specimen tree stakes its claim positioned just right in an oasis of lower-growing foliage below and around it. I thrill when the first bloom opens in a sea of mass plantings of various annuals proclaiming that the season is in full swing. So, yes, passion is a part of my experience in the garden.

Early in spring, I become restless with each brighter, warmer day, anxious to be able to don…

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~ by shirleyliseblogspot on February 26, 2013.

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  1. I know passion applies. My grandma Lela was a gardener of many plants, that included different hybrid roses and flowers and also food to put on the table. She was amazing!

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