If  you live in Canada you will appreciate the addition of a fireplace in your home.  They say, “home is where the heart is,” but I add to that, “home is also where the hearth is!”

     The fireplace not only warms your toes on a cold winter’s night, but it exudes a warmth unsurpassed by central heating.  It adds ambience and makes cozying up to it an enjoyable experience.

Formal Fireplace

     Of course, I am speaking of a fireplace that actually fires up and emits heat and not one that merely makes a fashion statement, especially ruling out the electric fireplace.  But even a hard-working fireplace, elaborate or plain, built in or free-standing, can add style to your home.  It can interject that missing center of attention your room is calling out for.  Take for example, a seating area in your living room.  How much more inviting does the room become when a fireplace is in its midst!

Dining Room Fireplace

     A fireplace can be added to a majority of  rooms in your home.  It can become an element  that fascilitates a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom if your are fortunate enough to have the room to incorporate it.  It can be added to a den where spending hours at your desk is turned into a pleasure rather than a chore.  It can be delegated to a central location in a dining room, enhancing a romantic atmosphere and setting the tone of the dining experience.

Informal Stove

Wherever you chose to implement a working fireplace in your home, you can be assured it will bring you the pleasure you anticipated, and as you sit beside it, enjoying its glow, before long you will be convinced that it is definitely a necessary fixture in every Canadian home!


~ by shirleyliseblogspot on February 28, 2013.

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