CASUAL DINING – Working With Neutrals

The dining room is a place where we sit down, relax, and enjoy an unhurried meal together with family or friends.  It is a room where we can incorporate beauty, in simple form or with more elegance.  In this blog, the focus is on casual dining, and although color can be added to enhance the dining experience, this blog also focuses on working with neutrals.  Narrowing down to these two distinct criteria prompts the addition of interest to the dining area through various other methods.  The following photos are examples of casual dining rooms put together with a neutral color scheme.  The palette is restricted to white, brown, and black, and although absent of color, each room has been set up using simple design methods to keep it interesting and appealing.

Because the dining room is where lighting becomes central to comfort, not too bright, but lit well enough not to be sitting in the dark, it is the perfect place to introduce style and distinction via an eye-catching chandelier.  Although not all, most of these rooms on display take advantage of this fact with a unique fixture that sets its tone.

Dining Room 1 features pale grey walls, a neutral beige carpet, and an oblong table with seating for six.  Interest is added to this neutral palette by switching up the chairs and adding bold pattern in the drapery.  Wall art and the addition of a pretty chandelier complete the set up.

Dining Room 1

Dining Room 2 features white walls with bright, cool, white buffet and chairs. This almost all-white room is warmed up with the natural warm tones of a solid wood table and hardwood flooring.  Interest is added by the purposeful juxtaposition of old and new furnishings.

Dining Room 2

Dining Room 3 presents dark, neutral walls off-set by light colored chairs and deep red wood tones in a mirror and table base.  Repeating the circular form of the barrel light fixture and table top breaks up the boxiness of the room, and although the glass table, upholstered chairs, and full draperies give the room a touch of formality, the overall feel remains casual. The whole scheme is pulled together with a dark patterned rug which pops against light-colored flooring, but repeats the dark color in draperies.

Dining Room 3

Dining Room 4. This dining area sports the same repeated round form in the barell-shaped chandelier and table top, and light-colored walls and chairs are contrasted with the darks of a framed mirror, patterned draperies, and rug to bring balance to the design.

Dining Room 4

Dining Room 5 highlights vivid contrast between the darks in furnishings and cabinetry and light wall color. Warmth is added with natural wood flooring, and interest with subtle art work and patterned draperies.

Dining Room 5

Dining Room 6 follows suit of other rooms presented with pale grey walls, this time contrasted with white flooring, black furnishings, and a two-toned rug. Muted color is brought in with a Roman blind. Although the furnishings are of simple, boxy form, the unexpected oversized and free-form chandelier adds the punch needed to break up boredom.

Dining Room 6

Dining Room 7 features white chairs against a natural wood table and two-toned wood floors.  The addition of the string globe lighting fixture incorporates whimsy into an otherwise plain look and adds another dimension of airiness to an already bright and sun-bathed room.

Dining Room 7

As illustrated in the above photos, though absent of color and elaborate décor, provision for a warm and inviting dining experience is made through the choice of furnishings and lighting and their interaction with each other.  Simple good design proves itself out once again!


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