FINE DINING – Costa Rica Style

The following blog is about restaurant design. There are many fine dining restaurants locally that exhibit a lovely décor and worthy of bragging on, however, the restaurant featured in this blog is one we were introduced to by a friend while on holiday in Costa Rica. I was quite grateful for the opportunity to view this space, but also to make it the focus of a favoured collection of photos. I am sure you will understand why as you read on.

No one can deny that the woodwork in this building is outstanding, especially that used on the ceiling, to frame the windows, and on hand railings as well as on the fireplace hearth, all harvested from Costa Rican trees and sporting colorful wood tone variations. Coming in a close second is the incredible stonework on walls and the fireplace, mudded together with stones I am sure, that have been excavated locally. To enhance the beauty of this majestic backdrop, intricately woven lighting, which seems to explode against the ceilings and stonework, presents itself unashamedly.

All this, and we haven’t even begun to address the warmth and vibrancy of pink décor in table settings and seating, all welcoming uninterrupted dining pleasure. Adding to its charm, this dining room hails curtained off areas for a more intimate ambience. And as if this is not beguiling enough, a vibrantly painted stained glass window peeks discreetly through from a corner at the end wall. Charming indeed, but there is more to this restaurant complex. Following down the hallway and around the corner is another surprise, a casual, quieter seating area, a more relaxed, but certainly not less attractive, dining quarters.

Here once again, the wooden ceilings, stonework, and starry lighting catch your attention. But these are countered by stunning burled wood floors and furnishings. I couldn’t help but take a further look into the room in awe at such a sight, and not just stand there with my jaw dropped, but click my camera from every perceivable angle to capture this rarity. I had never seen such beautiful furniture. I marveled at its design as well as its tastefulness, at its intelligent use of such a simple entity as a slab of tree trunk turned into a table. The chairs too, were a work of art, a decorator’s delight, so rustic, and yet so sophisticated. Nestled perfectly in the corner of the room, this seating area rallied for someone to come, sit, and bask in its comfort.

I stand amazed at the workmanship of those who have put the time and effort into designing, building, and decorating this wonderful fine dining restaurant space. It is an incredible room I will not soon forget… thanks to my trusty camera!



~ by shirleyliseblogspot on March 2, 2013.

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