Selling Your Home


So its time to sell your home and move on.  Selling a home is easy, or so you imagine. You will list it with a real estate agent who will look after the whole process of finding a buyer and closing the deal.  Soon you will be out of your present home and onto the new…

Well, not so easy!  Yes, a real estate sales person may market your home for you, but that does not mean you are without responsibility.  The real estate market is very competitive and buyers are looking for the best property within their price range.

When you list your home, you have joined with numerous others to contend for a buyer.  If you are serious about selling, you will need to take an honest assessment of your home’s condition, make any repairs needed, and present it in the best possible manner to guarantee a sale.

Front 1

Before you open your door to potential buyers, you will want to make sure everything in your home is in good working order  and that there are no major structural flaws.  If you are thinking that a buyer will be o.k. with a few flaws if you keep the asking price down to reflect this, saving yourself the time and money you would need to invest in repairs, it is not good strategy. It will not prove itself out in the long run. There may be a buyer who wants to purchase a home in disrepair, simply planning to replace it once the deal is through, or renovate it to put it back on the market, however, if not, you will have severely limited your market and the opportunity for a buyer. 

Likewise, if you think that potential buyers will not notice the poor condition of your home, and that you can entice them with your lovely décor and hope they will overlook the flaws, this is an incorrect interpretation of today’s buyer.  Today’s buyers are savvy.  They may be initially attracted to your home, and may be ready to put in an offer, but you can be sure it will contain a condition for a professional home inspection.  It is at this point that your buyer has opportunity to walk away if there are major issues with your home. 

Potential buyers will have their eyes wide open to assess the exterior of your home.  Be sure they will tour around it to find those things that need to be fixed or upgraded.  For instance, they will notice the rough condition of your walkway, your run down porch, or your railings that need to be fixed.  What about steps?  Are your steps in good repair?  Your front door either welcomes or says, “stay out.”  If it is not in good condition, it will read as uninviting.  Is your home sided? If painted, is the paint peeling? If stained, is the stain faded and in need of another coat?  If your home’s exterior is vinyl clad, is the siding free of dust and mold? What about your windows?  Are they clean? Dirty windows scream, ” neglect.”

Back 3

Every effort you make to present the exterior of your home in the best possible condition will pay off for you in the long run.  Not only will potential buyers be impressed, but they will then eagerly anticipate going through your front door to view the interior of your home.  Needless to say, what a potential buyer encounters inside your home is just as crucial to a sale as is the presentation of the exterior.

It is necessary to scrutinize and assess your home’s interior before listing.  Make a checklist of items that need to be addressed. Jot down notes regarding the extent of work that needs to be done.  Questions to ask yourself are those regarding walls, ceilings, and floors.  Are they in need of repair?  If there were leaks in the past, have unsightly damages from water been repaired?  What is the condition of windows and interior doors?  Do they open and close properly?  What about door knobs and locking passage sets, are they in good working condition?  Consider kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, and other moving parts?  Are they in good order?  Are there any leaky faucets that need to be fixed as well?  What condition are the trim and baseboards in?  What condition are light fixtures in?  Do they need to be upgraded?  And are all switches functional?


By now I am sure you are thinking this is not part of the bargain, that you have hired a realtor to do the work of selling your home, that your home should be good enough the way it is without any repairs and especially without any upgrades.  Unfortunately, the well-presented condition of your home is just the beginning of what is expected by today’s buyer.  Once your home is in good condition inside and out, you still may want to solicit help staging your home, decluttering, and upgrading, as well as improving upon its curb appeal.  When you have accomplished all this, you can then be confident that you have done your part to make your home marketable and to convince those viewing it that you are serious about selling it….  The rest is up to your real estate agent.




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