Staging Your Home

Home staging has become popular in the last few years as more and more home sellers are recognizing the importance of presenting their home in the best possible way.  Hiring a home stager is a viable option, however, if you choose not to, following a few pointers regarding propping will get you good results.


A first and foremost step to staging your home is to clean it from top to bottom. The next is to declutter it, removing unnecessary items that distract and cause the space to seem smaller than it actually is.  This includes removing excessive furnishings and nic nacs and anything else that does not need to be seen.  We all love books, but piles of them randomly placed around a room registers in the mind of a potential buyer as clutter.  These can be boxed up and stored away till your home is sold and you move on. 


Not only eliminating unnecessary furnishings and other items, but properly placing those left is of vital importance when propping your home for sale. You do not want the room to feel empty, but neither do you want it to feel cramped. It is also important that traffic flow into and throughout the room is uninterrupted. To accomplish this, consider the most important pieces of furniture first before adding others, and then, only introduce back those that are needed. In the living room, for example, the seating in a conversation grouping is essential and should be set up as well as accompanying tables and lighting.  In a bedroom, a bed and dresser are vital, and in a dining room, a table and chairs, as well as a buffet, will suffice.   


Now that you know what furnishings to use, it is time to consider their contribution to your home’s overall, well-kept impression.  Are they presentable?  For example, is your sofa in good condition or does it need to be replaced or recovered for best impact? What about your area rug or draperies? If bedding is well-worn, it is a good idea at this time to consider purchasing new bedding, and if dining chairs are tattered, they may need new upholstery.  Remove your old dishware and replace it with a new, color-co-ordinated set for an updated display in your dining room.


If you are unable to replace outdated furnishings, you can easily transform them with paint and new hardware and turn them into a feature that enhances your room. For instance, a coat of black paint and polished chrome hardware applied to an old pair of end or bed-side tables add sophistication to a room, and gloss white paint applied to a wooden dining table adds sparkle.


Two of the most important rooms with which to impress potential buyers are the kitchen and bathroom.   Depending on your budget, upgrades to the kitchen, such as re-facing cabinetry, or if cabinets are in good condition, painting them in a neutral hue (white is a good choice), will do wonders to freshen up the space as will new, updated hardware, and a new, stylish faucet. The bathroom benefits most from a fresh coat of paint, updated faucets, new lighting fixtures and hardware, as well as a new shower curtain. Finishing touches with new, clean towels and charming accessories strategically placed will have most impact. Any updates you are able to make to these two rooms are well worth their investment when staging your home.


Now that you have updated the interior of your home and prepped it for the market, you are ready to “show” it, to open the door to those in the market for a home in your area. You have done your part, and your realtor will take over from here with prospecting for a buyer. Your only role now, is to keep your home in immaculate condition till it is sold!



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