Curb Appeal


Finally a blog on curb appeal, the missing link to having your home noticed from a buyer’s perspective.  What is curb appeal?  According to the Wikipedia dictionary it is the “attractiveness of the exterior of a residential property” and is “an indicator of the initial appeal of a property to prospective buyers.”  … Doesn’t give much information, but enough to know that it is important when selling your home, and that every effort you make to increase it will bring a reward.


In today’s property market, good curb appeal is essential.  It is like the addition of the perfect pair of shoes to an expensive outfit.  It is a finishing touch added to ensure that potential buyers will even bother to give your home a second look.

So, what is curb appeal within the context of presenting your home for sale and how can you improve upon it?  These are questions you need to ask and get answers for.  The following are just my suggestions to help you in your quest.


Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of your home.  What is it that makes your home attractive?  When your drive up to your home, what strikes you about it?  Does anything about its exterior presence and the way it sits on your lot appeal to you?  For instance, does your home look well-kept?  Is the front entrance welcoming?  What about the plantings around the entrance to your home, are they well-maintained at the peak of perfection?  What condition is your driveway and lawn in, are they appealing?  If you can say “yes” to all the above, your are well on your way to enticing potential buyers.  However, if your answer is “no,” you will need to put some effort into making changes.  Curb appeal, after all, is not relegated to just the condition of your home, but it includes anything a potential buyer would see on first impression when visiting your home.


To give the best first impression of your home, it is essential that you edit your yard.  Make sure there is nothing that deters its appeal.  Before inviting potential buyers, remove anything that does not belong.  Wind up the hose and remove any other unnecessary items that may be considered clutter.  Trim around shrub and flower beds and mulch them.  Cut the grass, sweep the driveway, sidewalk, and porch, and prop them with new flowering plants in good-looking large pots.  If you have furniture on your porch, make sure it is presentable.  If not, remove it.  Better a bare porch than one with worn, outdated furnishings.


It goes without saying, that your porch, fencing, driveway, and any other part of your home be well-maintained.  If not, you can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home by fixing what needs to be fixed and sprucing up what needs updating.  Make sure you front door, for example, is in good working order, attractive, and inviting.  Power wash siding and clean windows.  Remove or replace any fencing that is falling over, and paint or stain an old porch and its railings to make it presentable.  If weeds are growing up through your walkways or driveway, remove them and give these areas a clean, manicured look with an edger.

So, what will make your home stand out from others when you are looking for a buyer?  Curb appeal!  Put some time, effort, and a little money into upping it and you will be pleasantly surprised.  Your home will make a good first impression, one a potential buyer will not forget!




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