Working with Black


Black is a color that can send chills down your spine, but used in a home decorating scheme, it adds charm.  Black is a great accent color.  Adding it to any room impacts it in a positive way.  Black lets you say something and be heard.

Paint a wall black and make a statement!


Less demanding of attention, but still noticed, is black used on furnishings.  Add a black dresser to your bedroom and watch its transformation from a mild, soothing space to one that catches your attention.


I especially like black accent pieces to decorate my cottage and have taken the opportunity to transform them with a few coats of paint, whether it be an old chair, a table, a dresser, a stool, bench, or bed headboard.  It is easy to do, and interjected throughout the room, these items have great impact, especially against a neutral background.


But the cottage is not the only place I have added interest with black, and not only with painted furnishings either.  I have painted a stair railing black in a traditional home and watched it set a whole different tone to my space.


I have reupholstered chairs in black patterned fabric and hung black and white draperies. Wherever and however I get a chance to add black, I do. It is a color I can live with and never tire of. Being a neutral, it allows me to interject other color into the room as well without clashing.


Interspersed within this blog are pics of black painted and upholstered furniture items as well as rooms where I have used black in my decor. As can be seen, black is a color that works well in a decorating scheme. I hope these samples will inspire you to look for opportunity to add black to yours…. with paintbrush in hand!


~ by shirleyliseblogspot on March 22, 2013.

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