Dressing Your Windows


Window treatments add impact to the decorating scheme of a room, and choosing the right ones for your windows is of great importance.  Although they cover a window, that is not their only function.  They “dress” a window and work together with other elements in the room to present an aesthetically pleasing look.  In other words, adding window treatments to your windows not only provide a much needed function, but contribute to the overall look.

Draperies frame a window, enhance it, and show at its best.  Homemade or store bought, choose from an abundant array of colors and patterns from subtle to bold, muted to vibrant, to offer your room warmth and personality. Pick lined or un-lined fabric curtain panels according to your needs and hang them floor-length, keeping them stationary or hung so that they can be opened and closed. Once you know what look and style you are going for, consider what method you will use to hang them.

If your decorating scheme is traditional, pinch-pleated draperies may be hung with hooks and eyes onto a traverse rod accompanied with a decorative swag, valance, or cornice.  For a more clean-lined modern look, omit the valance and mount the track ceiling height.  For a contemporary room, pinch-pleated draperies might be topped with a simple box-pleated or plain valance, or hung on a decorative rod with rings. Other versions of window dressing hung from a decorative rod are grommet and tab-topped panels as well as rod-pocket panels.


But fabric curtain panels are not the only way to dress your windows.  For a look that is less fussy, blinds and shades are preferred.  They come in a good variety of styles as well and fulfil a variety of needs.

For instance, when needing to let light through, but not the harsh rays of the sun, roller and solar shades with varying degrees of opacity to block out UV rays that cause fading in drapery, upholstery, and in carpeting fibers, work well.  These are available in fabric or high-tech mesh material to suit your décor.

Roll-up blinds are another option.  Made with slats of bamboo or very thin matchsticks that roll up from the bottom, they fit a contemporary scheme and work well in a casual setting such as a sunroom or a kitchen.  Although roll-ups do not control light completely, they provide some privacy, while at the same time allow needed light to filter through.


Pull-up blinds are similar to roll-ups in that they too, are made with narrow slats of wood or of matchstick bamboo, but additionally come in a fabric option known as Roman blinds.  Because pull-up blinds rise up in folds, they are less bulky than roll-ups and can be used with draperies to give the window treatment a dual purpose, cutting down on daytime’s harsh rays of the sun, and when draperies are closed over them, providing complete privacy at night.


Another popular blind option is the Venetian blind. It allows light control through slats that are moved up and down to open and close them.  Available with wide or narrow slats and in metal, wood, and faux wood in a variety of natural stains and colors, they suit any space, whether traditional or contemporary.  They too, can stand alone or be paired with other window treatments to provide complete privacy.

You may choose to forgo window coverings is certain spaces altogether. If your windows are a knock-out on their own, you may not need them. However, if not, dressing them will give you the opportunity to display them at their very best!


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