Storage Solutions


We all need it.  We all need a place to put extras, those things that are not presently in use, but we also need to be able to easily find them back when they are to be used.  No room in our home is exempt from need of efficiently organized storage solutions.

We need a place in our kitchen to store pots, pans, food supplies, small appliances, and other kitchen gadgetry when not in use, so we outfit our kitchen with abundant cupboards, drawers, and pantry shelves, and designate to each item its spot.  This guarantees us that when we need a utensil, it will be at our finger tips.

In our bedrooms, we fold and tuck away clothing into dresser drawers and closets, all in an orderly fashion.  There is no guesswork when we are looking for that sweater or pair of pants.  We know exactly where to find it.  When it comes to out-of-season clothing, we box it up, meticulously label it, and store it in a prepared location out of the way, under our beds or in the back of a walk-in closet.

Our TV room is equipped with cabinets with doors and drawers to house and hide components, and our study is lined with ample shelving to methodically stock and have at hand books and files when needed.


The laundry room, often the smallest room in the house, but certainly not of least importance, is central to the cleaning of clothing for the whole family. Solutions to store cleaning products, mending projects, iron and ironing board, and dirty and clean laundry, as well as a countertop for sorting and folding is a must to keep this room running efficiently.

What about the garage?  Are storage solutions not of prime importance in this space?  This is where children’s outdoor toys, garden tools, work tools and belts, paints, auto supplies, and sports equipment are kept.  This is where building projects take place and household items are repaired.  A workable solution is a must for proper storage of instruments needed for indoor and outdoor tasks, as well as properly designated places for each and every item for quick and easy access.

So why the blog on storage when we all know about and use storage methods everyday to keep our houses organized and functioning relatively smoothly?  Why bother to even mention the need for storage?


Well, some storage solutions work better than others, and the ones we have been using can be improved upon with a bit of creative thinking.  Our home, for instance, may lack a closet at its front entrance, so we have taken a step of creativity to install hooks for jackets, hats, and scarves, and positioned a basket on the floor below it for mittens, and set out a mat for footwear.

This solution works, however, with a little extra investment and ingenuity, this space can be made much more efficient.  Cabinets can be built in with shelving to keep footwear off the floor, and with designated cubicles for storage of individual family members’ garb.

Storage solutions, whether in the form of built-in closets, open or closed cabinetry, shelving, drawers, bins, or boxes, or any other creative alternatives, are very necessary to a successfully run household.  Take a look around your home.  Check out each room to see if your storage needs are being met.  Decide what works best for you, and visit your local hardware and storage supply venues for options and new ideas. And don’t overlook second-hand stores for used furnishings that, with a little elbow grease, can be transformed into workable storage.


Instead of new custom-made cabinetry for your bathroom, for example, opt for a piece of used furniture that fits the space, provides ample drawers and shelving, and can be altered to accommodate a sink.  And in your family room, forego the open TV stand and set your flatscreen on a re-cycled multi-drawered console that effectively offers storage for all your media gagetry and more.

Every effort you make to improve upon your solutions to storage will save you time and energy in the long run, and result in better organization and a more efficiently run household…. and that translates into being able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily, and when you need it!



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