Outfitting the Laundry Room


The laundry room is not necessarily a very pretty room or a room one may want to emphasize, but if you are going to spend time in it, it may as well be as presentable as possible.  It is a room where organization is key if you are to keep it from becoming cluttered and inefficient.

Your laundry room is pivotal to having the household run smoothly.  Everyone in it needs to have access to what this room has to offer.  Of course the main task performed here is cleaning clothing, but the laundry room is not just a convenient spot for a washer and dryer.  More tasks are performed here than just the obvious.


The laundry room is a place of storage.  It is here that you might keep extra towels on hand, or gather clothing items that need to be mended, or just set aside those coming out of the dryer prior to distribution back into the household.  It is also a cetral location for storage of laundry detergent and other household cleaning products.  Even if your laundry room is not big enough to perform ironing tasks, it will still hold ironing products, an iron, and possibly an ironing board.

As dirty laundry comes into the room, and clean laundry makes its exit, it becomes a sorting area as well as a holding area.  In order to accommodate this, this room benefits from an expanse of counter surface large enough to spread out and fold cleaned items.


Because of its multiple uses and constant activity, a laundry room has the potential to become cluttered and disorganized, therefore it is crucial to have a system whereby everything has its proper place.  It is a good idea to have upper cabinetry to house all items not presently in use.  This will assure that any work surfaces are clear and free.

To avoid a build up of dirty laundry heaped in a pile on the floor, outfit your laundry room with a clothes hamper.  Dirty wash not only will be kept from cluttering your floor, but will be kept out of site till ready to be washed, contributing to an overall tidy look.


Now that your laundry room is efficiently organized, you may want to consider adding some design elements to enhance your laundry room experience.  Rather than just a bulb in a socket for lighting, try switching it out for a fancy flush-mount or semi-flush-mount chandelier to add bling.  Or if your room is quite large with multiple work stations, consider having potlights installed throughout the ceiling.

Though an all-white laundry room looks clean and fresh, consider adding a little drama with cabinet or wall color.  Be creative.  Paint the wall part way up with one color, tape off a narrow horizontal stripe above it, then add another block of a different color.  Use your imagination in decorating.  Add a clock and colorful artwork to your walls, and decorative storage boxes, or pretty glass containers to open shelving.


If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your laundry room, boost its freshness with potted indoor plants, and for warmth underfoot, add a colorful rug.

Yes, your laundry room needs to be organized and work efficiently, but who says you can’t add a little whimsy to make it a place you want to be, rather than just one where you have to be!




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