Being Organized

Being organized takes great effort and of course, time.  I am not a great organizer, but I do have a basic concept of what needs to be done to keep my home decent and in order, at least from a home-decorating perspective.

I do put time and effort into regularly purging my home of excessive items, those that, well, collect dust and do not contribute to my overall scheme.  So purging is high on my list of priorities, but along with that, is identifying ways in which I can more effectively keep things unused hidden and display those that add to the ease of function in the home.

McNab Bed Room Closet

For instance, I continually keep a lookout for furnishings that aid in the battle of the bulge, that is, bulging drawers and cupboards, and my resource of choice for these is the second-hand shop.  This not only warrants inventive use of previously owned furnishings, but adds to the concept of being organized in that I can bring order to my spending… another topic in itself!

But editing furnishings and keeping to a minimum of well-working choices is not all there is to being organized.  House cleaning is also part and parcel, keeping up with household chores in a most effective way.

No, I am not talking about setting unrealistic goals, but having a system that works for you, a rough idea of what it should look like, and how to attain it.  I work from a “To Do” list, and even that is flexible when it comes to less important jobs, and with others, timing is negotiable.  Of course there is a daily routine that cannot be altered, like menu planning, meal preparation, general tidying up, making beds, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and emptying the garbage, to name a few, and other chores looked after less frequently, such as cleaning sinks, showers, toilets, and mirrors, changing bed linens, cleaning the refrigerator and oven, and mending clothing, but scheduling in extras is what I am addressing here.

For instance, spring cleaning, falls into a category all its own.  With the advent of warmer weather, there is a stirring in each of us to get at jobs we have been putting off all winter, some that could have been done, and others that could not.  Now is the time to do some intensive evaluating and cleaning of items not on our day-to-day list.  Now is the time to tackle cleaning the windows, airing out the house, taking down the curtains and running them through the wash.  It is at this time that we will most likely consider giving the home a thorough cleaning, getting into nooks and crannies, vacuuming under beds, washing walls and woodwork, cleaning out and organizing drawers and closets, and steam cleaning carpets.  Added to the list is cleaning and re-organizing kitchen cupboards and the pantry, fixing and touching up with paint nics and scratches to walls, woodwork, and furniture.  If our energy is still unrelenting when all this is done, we will then want to better organize the basement and tackle the garage.

Of course with the change of season, without excuse, we will be packing up winter clothing and pulling out and organizing spring wear, and taking those used boots, shoes, and clothing items we are sure we will not wear again to a donation center.

But even during the year, there are unusual circumstances that dictate a closer look at organization.  Take for example Christmas get-togethers and other special occasions.  Their anticipation demands deeper cleaning, a pantry equipped with what is needed for food preparation, extra baking, and special decorating.  If we are expecting overnight guests, beds need to be made up and special touches added to make accommodations welcoming.

Why be organized?… To get done all the chores on our “To Do” list in a most efficient way, so that we have time to enjoy family, friends, and extra curricular activities… 




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