I hate to bring up the topic, especially on the heels of the last one… being organized.  I sound like a skipping record..(does anyone still remember that saying?) …but I cannot get the idea out of my head.  I mean, the importance of decluttering in order to run a household more efficiently and effectively.


By decluttering I am referring to the act of purging unnecessary items from the home which gives better opportunity for necessary items to be stored in an orderly fashion with the result of a more organized lifestyle, saving time, energy, and apparently, by those who have studied the topic more fully, unnecessary stress negatively affecting one’s well-being.  So rather than repeating what I highlighted in my last blog, practical ways to declutter and become more organized, let’s look at decluttering from a different perspective.  Let’s look at the sense of freedom we receive from letting go of things that have stockpiled up and caused us to stagnate when making decisions regarding our environment and lifestyle

No, I am not saying it is easy to part with certain items of clothing or furnishings we have lived with for years, but certainly there can’t be a debate going on inside of us regarding the stacks of newspapers sitting in the hallway, the disorganized pile of outgrown and overworn footwear in the back of the closet, the kitchen drawers full of useless utensils that never get pulled out, but only take up space and make it more difficult to find what we are looking for.  Certainly no one would argue that our reluctance to have guests over because we are self-conscious and feel ashamed about the mess that always seems to accumulate throughout our home is reason enough to take action.


But, say for instance, that you have an attachment to things that really serve no purpose, other than to remind you of days gone by.  How do you deal with that?  How do you separate your emotions from these things if you truly are set on relinquishing them?  Can you, or do you feel trapped?  How do you conquer the overwhelming sense of being controlled by the things that surround you?

Well, first of all, I think you need to determine in your own mind the benefits of a clutter free environment, the time you will save as well as the space you will gain back when unnecessary items are removed.  You need to be convinced that you do not need these things to be happy.  Maybe you have held onto something because it brings back good memories, or offers a sense of comfort.  Is it worth the space, time, and energy expended toward it?  And finally, you need to recognize that this attachment interferes with your freedom to live each new day to the full, experiencing new things and creating new memories.

Decluttering is your ticket to moving forward.  Examining each object in question, each box, bin, and stashed, piled, or pushed aside possession is necessary in order to distinguish its true value.  Do you really need to keep something you paid a lot of money for years ago or something given to you as a gift that you have no use for now?  Does holding onto it serve you, or is it working against you?


If you do decide you want to be free, you are well on your way to dealing with the clutter in your home, and therefore in you life.  You can then roll up your sleeves, dive in, and apply helpful techniques to sort through and discard what needs to go.  If, however, you are unable to come to this conclusion, if you are too emotionally and  psychologically dependant on your clutter, sooner or later, it will get the best of you.  If left unaddressed, according to the experts, you will find its affects proving negative on your health, both physically and mentally.  What possible benefit could there be to that?

But, even in this scenario, there is good news.  There is hope.  A professional organizer can walk you through the process of letting go step by step, giving you the tools you need to work with in order to overcome such an attachment. Instead of being overwhelmed by the clutter that surrounds you, you will then be able to conquer it.  You only need to be willing.

No matter how you look at it, or what approach you take, decluttering is an important aspect to a well-organized home, a more stress-free lifestyle, and a healthier you.  Instead of letting clutter be your master, master it, and in so doing, gain back your freedom…… and that is about as good as it gets!




~ by shirleyliseblogspot on April 9, 2013.

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